Back for another ‘3,2,1’ - Vic Harster returns with a brand new installment of stills & stories. More than just a collection of images, Vic brings her subjects into focus through in-depth observation and interviews. On this occasion, Vic takes a deeper look at longboarding powerhouse Jeff Corsi, somehow managing to contain all the action to the frame.

“I had met Jeff Corsi a few times before our first shoot together. We talked a little about my work and I felt he was looking at my pictures in a very gentle and understanding way. Jeff's style is explosive and powerful. The first time we shot together I was super nervous, I really wanted to capture his style in a special way that I was so afraid to fail. But one of the incredible things about Jeff is that he’s extrspanely kind and nice. He was an incredible help in creating these images I envisioned with a lot of lightness and fun!”

Vic Harster: What are 3 of your favorite tricks?

Jeff Corsi: Peter Pan, Aerograb, and a nose manual, one-foot, one-hand. Anyone know what that’s called?

VH: What are 3 of your favorite places you’ve ever traveled ?

JC: Vancouver, Canada, Hawaii, and Santa Cruz, Portugal

VH: What are 3 of your all time favorite skate events?

JC: The Paris 360 Event. So You Can Longboard Dance (SYCLD). And the Chicago Push Race!

VH: Who are 2 of your favorite bands?

JC: Daft punk and Paul Kalkbrenner

VH: What are 2 things you can’t live without?

JC: My board, of course! And a good breakfast with peanut butter.

VH: What is 1 thing you are most proud of?

JC: My Moonshine Limited Edition Signature Board, the JC Hoedown which released about two years ago

VH: Bonus questions...what is 1 thing people might not know about you?

JC: For the music lovers, on my mother’s side of the family, we are almost direct descendants of Frederic Chopin.

About Vic Harster -Born in France but currently residing in Berlin, Vic began exploring photography in her teens. Her interest in capturing motions and emotions has led her to seek adventure and investigate the beauty in the little details that make stories worth telling. Living in Germany, Portugal, France and anywhere in between, she has worked on a wide variety of projects with talented people from all walks of life. Find more of her work on her website and instagram: