‘3,2,1’ returns! - Vic Harster, back behind the shutter with another stunning selection of shots & skateboarder spiels. Bringing her subjects to life through captivating imagery and insights, Vic puts the skaters she details into focus. Joining up with dancing dynamo Giu Alfeo, Vic’s prowess behind the lens captures Giu’s unique style in all it’s flowing elegance.

“I’ve been friends with Giu for a pretty long time now. Like most everyone within the longboard community, we may only get to connect a few times a year, but every time we do we make sure to make time to catch up and get a few shots together. What I like especially about the work I get to create with Giu is that it contains all the realness and sentimentality of a polaroid. We're not just taking photos, we're capturing a glimpse of the subject in the moment; as an individual, as an athlete, as an artist, and as friends. I really appreciate the trust we share with one another and the truly unique way we’re always able to surprise one another with each other’s creativity.”

Vic Harster:Where are 3 of your favorite places you’ve ever traveled to?

Giu Alfeo:Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon/Santa Cruz

VH:Who are 2 people that inspire you? 1 person within the skate community and 1 outside the skate community.

GA:One person that I have only recently discovered and has inspired me is Gustav or@boop_lb. He brings so much talent, creativity, and dance to his longboarding. To me, he’s one of the most promising talents who could redefine what longboard dancing is going to be in the future.

Another person is Christine and the Queens. Chris is a French singer, songwriter, and artist whose performances have impacted my skating style greatly. In her work, she breaks and redefines gender stereotypes, but also her presence on stage is a massive inspiration to me.

VH:What is 1 thing people might not know about you?GA:I love technology, programming, playing with electronics and combining tech with arts and societal questions. Basically, I’m a geek.

About Vic Harster -Born in France but currently residing in Berlin, Vic began exploring photography in her teens. Her interest in capturing motions and emotions has led her to seek adventure and investigate the beauty in the little details that make stories worth telling. Living in Germany, Portugal, France and anywhere in between, she has worked on a wide variety of projects with talented people from all walks of life. Find more of her work on her website and instagram: