Welcome to the ‘3,2,1’– a new series where we count backwards all while getting to know Paris Team Riders through the eye and lens of creative wunderkind, Vic Harster. Vic does more than shoot photos–she tells stories. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, she’ll be sharing a few insights from our riders as they spill the tea. Up first: Antonine Champetier! “The first time I met Antonine was for a spur-of-the-moment sunrise photoshoot in Paris. Even though we barely knew each other at the time we had an incredible shoot full of creativity, action and excitement. To this day, whenever we shoot together she always surprises me with captivating skate spots and ideas for new pictures. She’s constantly pushing herself and determined to get the best picture of whatever new trick she’s unlocked. It's always such a pleasure to shoot with her as I'm constantly impressed by her love for longboarding and how she’s always willing to share it with others.”


Vic Harster: What are 3 of your favorite tricks?
Antonine Champetier:
 All tricks that begin with a cross-foot like…cross-foot shuv-it, cross-foot big spin, cross-foot no-comply 360.

VH: What are 3 of your favorite places you’ve ever traveled?
AC: I haven’t traveled that much but I would say Nepal, Tenerife and the UK.

VH: Who are 2 of your favorite bands?

AC: Tame Impala and The Doors

VH: What are 2 things you can’t live without?

AC: Humour (especially second degree) and being active!

VH: What is 1 thing you are most proud of?

AC: My job. I’m a manager of a care house for seniors. It’s a small residence where people are treated with humanity and dignity and I’m proud to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.

VH: What is 1 thing you are interested in outside of longboarding?


About Vic Harster -Born in France but currently residing in Berlin, Vic began exploring photography in her teens. Her interest in capturing motions and emotions has led her to seek adventure and investigate the beauty in the little details that make stories worth telling. Living in Germany, Portugal, France and anywhere in between, she has worked on a wide variety of projects with talented people from all walks of life. Find more of her work on her website and instagram: