Everything's better when you have a partner in crime; especially when it comes to longboarding. Abou and Achel starting skating at the same time and place and today they seem to go together like PB & J. Whether it's pushing each other to land a new trick, sneaking a prank when the other's not looking, or bro-ing down over a kebab after DockSession, they're always together, even when they're apart, and vice versa.

Film: Luis Cardoso & Achel Machin

Edit: Achel Machin

"Abou and I have been riding together since the beginning. And whether it’s the bromance, the inspiration or the motivation, this ride-lationship has given me more than I could ever imagine."

Achel Machin

"Achel dances like a grandmother with back pain. But it's ok, I'll always be around to take care of him and pick him up when he falls down.”

Abou Seck