The 3, 2, 1 with Vic Harster - Lotfi Lamaali

The 3, 2, 1 with Vic Harster - Lotfi Lamaali

Vic Harster & ‘3,2,1,’ is back for another year of phenomenal photography and intriguing skater shorts. Providing a bit of background to her subjects through insight & inquiry, Vic puts the skaters she details into focus. Talking briefly of vacations, inspirations, and motivations, Vic caught up with the man of many moves, Lotfi Lamaali, for a momentary meander down memory lane!

"The first time I met Lotfi was at a skate meetup the Longboard Girls Crew had organized in Portugal. They hosted a “Hippie Jump” contest, and I situated myself pretty close to the action to score those low perspective, wide angle shots. Lotfi attempted a jump, missed, and stumbled into me, and the two of us fell together; it was in that moment that I felt we bonded. After the event, I hung out with him and his crew for a bit where we bonded more over our adventures and our burning passion for creativity while also being lighthearted and silly.

"Every time we’ve met since has been a collaborative and creative feast! The two of us with so many ideas we want to try, it’s hard to choose where to start! Our conversations are often a flurry of topics and jokes, constantly leapfrogging from one to the next. Working with Lotfi is never boring, and thus, an experience I always make time for.

Vic Harster: Where are 3 of your favorite places that you’ve ever traveled to?

Lotfi Lamaali: Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, Mount Teide Volcano of Tenerife, and Bin el Ouidane, Morocco

VH: Who are 2 people that inspire you? 1 person within the longboarding community and 1 outside the longboarding community.

LL: One person who has inspired me in the skate community is my dear friend, Axel Massin. He had the courage to quit his job and dedicate himself to his passion. I’ve been hesitating for years to do this and he’s one of the reasons that convinced me to take this step. Another person outside longboarding is Jay-Z because I really admire his entrepreneurship.

VH: What is 1 thing that you are most proud of?

LL: I’m proud of the Docksession community and overall the global longboarding scene that has evolved and helped the sport to grow to what it is today!