Light, nimble, strong and extraordinarily fun, the Paris Crew in Vancouver got set up with the Paris V3s and went to town. Blending their unique styles on a variety of terrain, each flavor was put to the test while keeping a smile on everyone’s face. What’s the color of your ride?

Film/Edit: Camilo Cespedes

“Any day you get to skate with the homies is a good day, especially when your setup is dialed in. Shredding on the new V3s gave me that stoke! Fresh out of the package ripped through the streets, slashing alleys and riding everything possible! They held up to everything we could throw at them and then some.”

Diane “Dizzy” Hiebert

“We wanted to put the new V3s to the test, so we found the most colourful and creative spots Vancouver had to offer and let loose on 'em. And boy oh boy did they not disappoint. "

Cullen Arbuckle