Nothing better than rounding up a crew and hitting the streets. Skating through the city from spot to spot, Vancouver has it all. The route went everywhere and had something for everyone. A mellow downhill, flatland freestyle spots, ledges, stairs and everything in between. It was a rip ripping around town with such a big squad. Big shoutout to everyone that came out and hit the streets with us!

Film/Edit: Camilo Cespedes

"Vancouver has some of the most diverse skate spots in the world, and we wanted to get to as many spots as we could while letting new and seasoned riders alike flex their creativity and skill. From Dancing to Downhill, Freeride to Freestyle, we had a chance to skate a bit of everything and watch spots get annihilated like never before. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective on an old spot to make an unbelievable trick come to life"

Cullen Arbukle

“Hit the Streets Vancouver was the perfect blend of cruise and shred! With a beautiful day in Vancouver, the vibes were high and everywhere I looked someone was smiling. Vancouver has so much to offer, so take advantage of it! We sure did!”

Diane Hiebert