At the southwestern corner of France and along the northeastern region of Spain lies the Basque Country. With its own distinct culture, incredible surf, world-class food and home to one of the oldest spoken languages still in use today it’s a unique and intriguing place to visit. Or in the case of Alexandra and Laurent, to move their lives to and set up shop.

It’s been 4 years since they moved to the region where they've opened a skate shop, Ride With Us, and continue to make the most of the breathtaking mountains, beautiful beaches, and perfect waves in Boucau and the surrounding areas. Tune in for Part 1 of the 3 part serious, Basking in Basque Country with two of our favorites, Alexandra and Laurent.

Film: Alex Colorito

Edit: Mark Nisbet

Photos: Ryan Ricker

“Up in the mountains, going to the spot sometimes feels like we are on a big trip but really it’s only 40 minutes from our home. The narrow, steep strip of pavement is tricky to skate but the hill and surroundings make it an exciting place to satisfy our urge for adventure.”

Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi

“One of our favorite places in the Basque Country is this beautiful secluded freeride hill in the countryside that pottoks and eagles call home. We come here often to take time off, have fun, and core our wheels at every session.”

Laurent Perigault