Written by Renan Lazzarotti | Photos byGabriel Klein

I call Brazil home, but sometimes it feels far from the rest of the world. It’s not often people make the long journey to visit. However, that’s only one of the reasons we were all thrilled when we heard that Camilo Cespedes and Ryan Ricker were coming down south to visit all of us here.

They said they wanted to see Brazil but most importantly they wanted to meet and skate with the locals. And of course, hang out with the rest of the Paris Truck Co. Team, including Brenno Brelvis and myself.

After a short stay in Rio De Janeiro they headed to the small beach town of Arraial do Cabo where I met up with thspan upon arrival. Brenno welcomed everyone, hosting us all at an amazing hotel calledPousada Sentinelas do Mar , which overlooked the beautiful bay.

The next few days Brenno showed us around his home town of São Pedro da Aldeia. He took us to all his favorite spots and shared stories everywhere we went about growing up there. One of the following days we hosted an awesome event with the local town government. Skaters, artists, dancers, all came together. It was an action-packed day! (check it out here)

I caught up with Brenno, Camilo and Kimberly to get their side of the story. Here's what they had to say...Renan Lazzarotti - Brenno, tell us what it was like showing the guys around your hometown.

Brenno Brelvis - Having the Paris Crew in São Pedro da Aldeia—the town I was born in and still live—was an incredible experience. Showing thspan skate spots that I've been skating since the beginning, making an amazing event together and motivating the local longboard community. It was super cool.

What was the best part for you?

The best part of the trip was introducing the crew to all my local friends and the people who support me. The places in the village that help me out, like my barber,Barbearia do Canhão , who actually gave me and Ricker a shave!

We ate a bunch of good food too! What was one of the highlights?

I took the crew to have the best desserts in the world at the one and only,Johnny Brownie. They couldn’t believe the desserts they made for us. They’re were so good!

They're truly were out of this world. Any other rspanarkable moments?

The moment the crew boarded a canoe and paddled into the lagoon to watch the sunset was pretty funny. It was so spontaneous. They didn't have a clue what they were doing. I thought we were going to be lost at sea.

That was pretty funny. We were all paddling in circles. Luckily we made it back to shore.

Now, it wasn’t Camilo’s first time in Brazil so he already had an idea of what to expect. But it was his first time in São Pedro da Aldeia and Cabo Frio.

Camilo, tell us about the trip to Cabo Frio and you're favorite spot we skated there.

Camilo Cespedes - The last time I was in Brazil was around 6 years ago. Ever since I've been wanting to go back. This time my experience was totally different. I got to see way more this time. The place that blew my mind the most was the abandoned factory. We spent like 4 hours there but I could’ve easily spent a week. The possibilities were infinite! Stay tuned for some magic from that session.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the contest in São Pedro da Aldeia?

That was a blast! Between all the adventures, the event we hosted was awesome. Mini games, a skatepark contest, a longboard contest and so much more. It was a full day meeting everyone from the entire town! We also met one of the raddest girl’s in the world who joined the Paris Trucks Team that day. Kimberly! I always told her she has skills! !

That was super cool. I’ve known Kimberly for a long time. Super happy to have her on the team.

Kimberly, what happened? How did you join the Paris Trucks Team?

Kimberly Lorena - Man, that was surreal! I already knew that Ryan had been watching me on social media for awhile but I couldn't imagine that it would all happen so soon, you know? At the end of the contest he called me over to talk, that’s when he gave me aParis Truck Co. "Team" Windbreakerand told me a little bit about what the Paris Team is all about. That's when he asked me to be a part of it! I just cried. I was very, very happy!

Ryan! The “Team Dad” always coming through. That was such a good day for everyone.

Playing on beaches, devouring brownies, welcoming new teammates, and hosting a cool community event was only the beginning. The crew continued on. Stay tuned for part 2

“It was a dream traveling to Brazil and meeting with the local skate community. Brenno is definitely the hostess with the mostest putting us up in an amazing hotel, showing us all his spots, and taking us to meet all his friends and family.”


“When we were planning this trip I heard we were going to visit Brenno’s hometown. I was really stoked! We were greeted with giant smiles and instantly had beers in our hands. Not only were there amazing beaches and paradisiac landscapes everywhere, there was an abandoned factory that blew my mind.”